About Me

Hi, I’m Nadia! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my food blog. I am the author, photographer, and recipe-tester on Spicy Spoonful. I started my food blog journey to share some of my biggest passions with you: cooking and eating.

I think that most readers will appreciate my simplistic approach to cooking. My philosophy is that everyone should have access to tasty and nutritious recipes that do not require fancy cooking utensils. I think this comes from where and how I first learned to cook: in my mother’s kitchen. I stood alongside her and watched her cook up scrumptious Indian meals all throughout my childhood – adding a little-bit-of-this and a dash-of-that into the pot. Although I appreciate my mother’s casual approach to cooking, I won’t do that to you! I’ll be giving you actual recipes with measured ingredients.

Cooking and eating is not all I do (although one can dream!). I have a full time desk job in corporate America, which means that when I come home from a long day of work, I want to eat something that’s easy to make yet delicious, and possibly even nutritious. My hope is that you’ll find that the recipes here fit your lifestyle as much as they do mine.