About Spicy Spoonful

Hey there! Welcome to my food blog!

Some recipes I post here come from family traditions, preserved over generations, others are recipes I have collected as souvenirs during my travels around the world. But mostly, many of the recipes here are conjured up in my kitchen with whatever I have lying around in my pantry.

Disclaimer: I have had no formal training in cooking or food photography. This blog is a reflection of my desire to learn how to cook better, take better photographs of food, and write better. I hope that you’ll join me in this learning process :).

Finally, although I cook a ton of Indian food, this blog will certainly not be limited to just Indian food! I will say this though: the Indian recipes here are authentic that come straight from family traditions. You will never see recipes that require any sort of pre-made spice packets or sauces on Spicy Spoonful, because that’s just faking it! I want you to enjoy the same delicious, homemade recipes that I got to enjoy growing up.

Happy cooking, and thanks for stopping by!