Light Balsamic Cod Peperonata

You know those days when you want something really light and fresh? Well this peperonata made with flakey cod hits the spot. You’ve heard me rave about salmon because it’s my favorite food of all time, right? Well I feel like I didn’t give white fish enough credit. White fish such as cod, mahi mahi, […]

Basil Pesto Pasta with Scallops

Perfectly cooked scallops. Linguine tossed in the most fresh pesto you’ve ever had. Do I need to go on?

4 Ingredient Salmon Recipe

I have something to confess. I used to have pretty bad eating habits. My “bad” eating habits weren’t limited to just eating a burger and fries every once in a while. I had a hard time with portion control and eating too many simple carbs without the proper balance of veggies and lean meat. It […]

Healthy Mahi Mahi Tacos

When the weather starts to heat up, I like keep things light. Last summer, I became obsessed with fish tacos. This happened after I went to my favorite restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, and saw Mahi Mahi tacos on their specials menu. I ordered my favorite summer drink at the time: a cold, refreshing Ommegang Aphrodite: […]